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Véto-pharma survey – Honey bee viruses

Véto-pharma (, the French company, which manufactures Apivar and Varroa EasyCheck, has released a new survey to help beekeepers learn more about honey bee health.

What do you really know about honey bee viruses?
It’s time to dig a bit more into the subject, to find out about the important role that viruses play in the overall health of your colonies, and how you can manage them.

A complete review of honey bee viruses, along with the results of the survey and a discussion of the answers, will be shared with you during the year.  Anne Dalmon, honey bee virus specialist at INRA (French National Institute for Agronomic Research), will contribute her insights as well.

If you ready to be an expert in bee viruses – let’s go!
You have until March 1st to complete the survey here:

SPECIAL GIFT – 3 Beekeepers will be sorted by drawing lots among all the participants to win a beekeeping pack, including: 2 packs of ApiLife Var and 1 bottle of HiveAlive (100ml).

To learn more about Véto-pharma:

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Beekeeping can either be a full-time profession or a simple hobby. Nonetheless, more often than not, what began as a hobby would become a profession. But you cannot simply tell and decide yourself you will start to do beekeeping. You need to have sufficient knowledge and understanding on the subject that you’re going to enter before beginning on any hobby or profession. If you have been putting off your curiosity about beekeeping for quite a while, then it’s about time to indulge yourself. Bee farming may not appear difficult; by learning the basic beekeeping lessons, you can be got off to a great beginning.

What does a beekeeper must understand?

First, you should have interest that is total on beekeeping to start at the right foot. You should have consented to share your house space with the bees. There are potential dangers in beekeeping that can damage you but your family too. If you decide to allow the bees inside your living space, then you definitely must understand the supplies and gear you will use for beekeeping. Your focus isn’t just to build an income by selling honey; a great beekeeper should have a keen interest and passion in rearing bees.

An apiarist ought to know the right place for the beehives. The area must have sufficient sources of nectar for the bees to get. You need to make sure that beekeeping is enabled in your area if you decide to put your beehives at your backyard. There are several places limited to beekeeping; you should get permission relating to this.

Beekeepers must understand whether beekeeping supplies are available in the area where the beehives are situated. You may never understand when you must visit a nearby beekeeping shop; it’s best that a nearby beekeeping store is not inaccessible.

Equipment and protective supplies can also be important for beekeepers to understand. This will reduce the chances of being stung by your bees. Understand the appropriate suit to pick to keep you from any potential danger in beekeeping.

Last but definitely not the least, among the beekeeping lessons you should know is that: it’s not unimportant for the beekeeper to understand the appropriate manner of picking honey. All the beekeeping efforts would be ineffective in case you are not able to harvest honey. A beekeeper ought to know the procedures in gathering the honey from the comb; beeswax is also part of the returns in beekeeping.

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