The Bee Movie, Altered

bee-movie-posterBlending humor, tech prowess, and blatant disregard for the sacrosanct, youngsters have satirized Bee Movie on YouTube. Since it’s still winter break, and you may be looking for pointless online entertainment, here are some of the Bee Movies recently damaged by teenagers.

Jerry Seinfeld wrote and produced Bee Movie in 2007, just when colony collapse was being noticed. As such, it’s funny that his honey bees were not disappearing, but were going on strike for fair wages.

Before watching some of the parodies, you may want to watch this official trailer, as released by DreamWorks Animation, to remind you of the film.

So, that was just the trailer. Here’s the entire 91-minute Bee Movie, uncut, but shown in just 7 minutes: every time the word ‘bee’ is said, the movie speeds up.

Now, back to the Bee Movie official trailer, but all the honey bees were replaced by some kid in the basement. In this clip,  they look like bumble bees:

Here’s another way to watch the Bee Movie trailer – everytime the word ‘bee’ is said, the screen doubles its number of images. No one has every explained why this should have been someone’s Youtube project, but here it is.

If you’ve seen too many bees lately, here’s Bee Movie with every bee cut out. Confusing, yes, but it does get rid of the pesky little bugs.

Well, that’s quite enough, but it gives you an idea of what people with too much time have been doing the past few months. (Yup, writing beekeeping blogs.)

To stay up to date with the latest information in the apiculture industry to can visit our beekeeping latest news. On the other hand if you are beginning apiculture and would like to begin professional apiculture today get a copy of our beekeeping for beginners ebook.

Beekeeping can be a full time profession or an easy hobby. However, more often than not, what began as a hobby would become a profession. But you cannot simply tell and decide yourself that you will start to do beekeeping. You need to have sufficient knowledge and understanding on the area that you’re going to enter before beginning on any avocation or profession. Then it’s about time to indulge yourself in your line of interest, if you have been putting off your interest in beekeeping for quite a long time. Bee farming may not appear difficult; learning the basic beekeeping lessons can get you off to a good start.

What does a beekeeper must know?

You should have complete interest on beekeeping to start at the right foot. You will need to spend time taking care of your own colonies of bees. You should have consented to share your dwelling space. There are possible risks in beekeeping that can damage not only you but your family too. Then you certainly must understand the supplies and gear that you will use for beekeeping, if you decide to let the bees inside your living space. Your focus is not just to build an income by selling honey; a good beekeeper should have passion and a keen interest in rearing bees.

An apiarist should know the right place for the beehives. The place must have sufficient sources of nectar for the bees to get. You need to make sure beekeeping is enabled in your town, if you decide to put your beehives at your backyard. There are several areas confined to beekeeping; you have to get permission relating to this.

Beekeepers must know whether beekeeping supplies are available in the region where the beehives are situated. When you should go to a nearby beekeeping shop you may never know; it is best that a nearby beekeeping shop is not inaccessible.

Equipment and protective supplies are also essential for beekeepers to understand. Understand the right type of suit to select to keep you from any potential risk in beekeeping.

Last but definitely not the least, among the beekeeping lessons you have to know is that: it is essential for the beekeeper to know the appropriate manner of harvesting honey. If you’re incapable to harvest honey from your bees all the beekeeping attempts would be futile. A beekeeper should know the procedures in collecting the honey from your comb; beeswax is also part of the yields in beekeeping.

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